Shhhh . . . I'm hanging out in a little cafe, sipping a cold diet coke, listening to Pandora, playing on the internet, kiddo-free.  Ryan is at school & Nicholas had his first day of art & music class all by himself.  Brutal is all I can say.  I'm good now but leaving him - brutal.  I had to put in a call to my mom so I could talk it through & cry it out :)  He knew something was up, I mean I talked to him last night & today about how he was going to school today all by himself.  How mommy would pick him up after a bit and take him home.  We discussed all the fun things he would do.  But then as soon as we walked in, he was overwhelmed.  He stayed by my side as I filled out paperwork.  He hugged on me, he kissed my leg . . . then he stepped away to play trains & I went to grab his snack bag.  This is when the full on meltdown happened because he realized I wasn't in the chair anymore.  By the time I got to him the teacher had already scooped him up and was holding him.  Then I grabbed him & brought him over to some toys.  I started playing with him a bit & told him I was going to go but I would be back in a little bit.  He wiped a little tear from his eye & look at me sadly - that sad face - seriously killed me.   I looked back as I walked through the door & he was just staring at me with this little, sad face.  He's so attached these days, I know in the end this will be good for him.  I just never dealt with this when Ryan started taking classes on his own.  He would run right in & not even say goodbye - other kids were wailing & he was busy playing.  I used to feel a little bad, like, doesn't he even miss me???  Ha!!  Anyways - 15 more minutes until pickup :)  I will smother him with hugs & kisses when I see him!!!

On a happier note, we had some SNOW!!!!  We had no real snow last year so two inches was AMAZING to a 6 & 2 year old!!!  They had so much fun - even though Nick looks pretty much miserable because he so bundled up.  But I promise you - this little man LOVED sled riding!!!!



Fun times with special cousins . . .



So I missed sharing my Noel Mignon post from last week - busy with snow & a project for Ryan's school :)  I did play again with the fab Soda Shoppe kit & got a bit whimsical with my scrapping (or at least whimsical for me - ha!!) . . .


So I was thinking banners, but I wanted them hanging across little open "windows" of sorts.  At least that is what I was envisioned when I began creating.  I machine stitched around the cut out circle multiple times.  Then stitched a few hearts together and stapled the ends to either aside of the "window".


I cut the title from my Silhouette.  It was a fun, funky font that I thought would work with everything else already going on :)  I did a bit of doodling on the edges to help it pop a bit more and added a fun Dear Lizzy button in the center of the "O".


You may have noticed that little date stamp in the bottom left corner of the full layout pic.  It is from the Dear Lizzy 5th &  Frolic Roller Date Stamp.  I recently have fallen in love with these roller stamps - have you???  Well guess what - if you like 'em, I've got one to give away!!!  Yay :)

To enter, just leave a comment so I have your name :)  International readers are welcome to enter as well :)  Happy Tuesday!!



Hello!!  I snuck away for a bit from blogging - we were busy celebrating someone turning two . . .

 photo bday1_zps75a040f9.jpg

AND I have been working on 2 HUGE scrapbooks for Ryan's teacher & assistant teacher for Teacher Appreciation Day - with 2 albums, 29 kids, and a 2 page spread for each - that's a lot of scrapping!!  It is actually more of a memory book, than album - each student created artwork, wrote something about their teacher, and then another mother snapped pics of the kiddos to include.  I have 1 week left to pull it all together :)

Oh & I have been squeezing in some scrapping here too!!!  I am super excited to share my 2 most recent layouts for Noel Mignon using the Soda Shoppe kit.  Such a fun kit!!!

First up - a page about me???  I know, doesn't happen too often but I am working on an 8 1/2" x 11" album - it's a bit about me as well as quotes I love.  Sort of a self journal, but also memory book . . . not sure exactly what you'd call it.  Anyways, here goes . . .

 photo thebest_zps3b8752f9.jpg

I kind of LOVE this smaller sized page - it just seems easier to balance all the elements for some reason.  No worries though, I'm not jumping ship from the 12" x 12" world.  All the kid's albums are in this format & I can't see changing it now :)  Here are some close-ups of the journaling . . .

 photo thebestcu3_zpscf45624e.jpg

 photo thebestcu1_zps7757a77b.jpg

 photo thebestcu2_zps5823ae27.jpg

Did you see those die-cut clouds above??  They are from my Silhouette - LOVIN' that thing these days!!!  I doodled the black border around each with pen :)

Now - if you are looking for a sketch challenge - I've got one!!!  My new challenge is up on the Noel Mignon blog.  I'm looking for LOTS of participants this month so please join us :)

 photo FEBSKETCH_zps5e7c08ee.jpg

Here is my take on it using the Soda Shoppe kit . . .

 photo struggle600_zpsf623cc4c.jpg

This was a special layout for me - we had such a difficult time with Ryan & swimming.  We had a HORRIBLE experience with an instructor, but we stuck it out.  In the end, I wasn't really sure if I had made the right decision.  After that we took a break & started up again with a different instructor & pool.  He has done awesome & just amazes me with how much talent he has for swimming!!

 photo strugglecu1_zps9f9b67dd.jpg

 photo strugglecu2_zps8c689aa6.jpg

Off to clean up - I will be back tomorrow to share 2 more layouts I did & to answer a question from "30 on Life" in my comments.  Also - if there are any questions from anyone out there, I'd be happy to try & answer - just post a comment :)  Happy Sunday!!



Busy, busy weekend . . . but I scrapped . . . just for fun - no deadlines, no obligations - yay!!

This first one was created using the December Citrus Twist kit - and I tried something new, getting messy with a bit of paint!!!


This layout was created with the Studio Calico December kit plus a few bits from my stash . . . and I broke out my Silhouette again!!


Did you see the little file folder tag above - that font is from my very own vintage typewriter - best Christmas gift ever!!!  Thanks Justin :)


Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!!!



Thursday. Back to school = Ryan & the crankies :)  He likes school but hates mornings - just like his daddy :)  We made it through though - the first day down, one more until the weekend!!

I have been scrapping - lots to share but for today - my two most recent Noel Mignon layouts.  Her January kit Soda Shoppe is a beautiful mix of color & neutral - love how contrasting these 2 layouts are even though they are from the same kit.  I'm trying something new this year - stop stressing over the layouts.  Not a get 'er done attitude but just relax with the process, stop lamenting over every little detail, I've got lots to scrap :)  The first is simple, but I really loved the photo & wanted to showcase it - just a few embellishments here & there . . .


The second layout includes pics from Ryan's birthday - 6 years old already!!!  I can't believe it.  For some reason I didn't get great shots - some fuzziness going on.  When that happens I tend to change the pics to black & white, it seems a bit more forgiving.  I also make the pics smaller so the lack of focus is less apparent.  I used the washi tape from the kit to create this frame & then machine stitched it down.  A fun way to use those rolls of washi tape in your stash :)


Have you been seeing all the CHA sneaks on the web??  I told myself that I would be picky in purchases this CHA - my stash is growing a bit too much & I need to use it before I add much more to it :)  I can't help looking though . . . anything you are pining over???



"I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes.

Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world.  You're doing things you've never done before, and more importantly, you're Doing Something.

So that's my wish for you, and for all of us, and my wish for myself.  Make New Mistakes.  Make glorious, amazing mistakes.  Make mistakes nobody's ever made before.  Don't freeze, don't stop, don't worry that it isn't good enough, or isn't perfect, whatever it is:  art, or love, or work or family or life.

Whatever it is you're scared of doing, Do it.

Make your mistakes, next year and forever."

- Neil Gaiman

Happy New Year!!!  Hello 2013 - back from my 3 month blogging hiatus :)