Top 13 of 2013


Yes, sadly it has been 3 months since my last post.  Life just kind of got in the way :)  But I am back - it's a new year & I did some dusting off & fixing up of the old blog!!  You'll notice my navigation bar on the right now with updated pages.  The sketch page is full of sketches from the past year & a half :)  I am planning to add more in as I locate them.  Unfortunately I was not the best at saving all my sketches in one particular folder on my desktop, so I'm having to do some hunting.  Anyways - on to my top 13 projects of the 2013!! Some of these will be new to you, as a few I never blogged about :)  Looking forward to keeping up with the blogging world more regularly in 2014 - Happy New Year everyone!!

 photo snipsnip600_zps34a41069.jpg

 photo full_zps0a8e3cac.jpg

 photo pick_zps1dc792e0.jpg

 photo bb35001a-f051-43cd-97d4-29091f9b6745_zps3c4a6acb.jpg

 photo 2yearsnick600_zps70de7e15.jpg

 photo fpbeach600_zps00d717e9.jpg

 photo struggle600_zpsf623cc4c.jpg

 photo finding_zps9f86bd2a.jpg

 photo mom_zpsed47c6f2.jpg

 photo coupe.jpg

 photo awaywego600_zps18cbbc50.jpg

 photo beyou2_zpsa9b2cc3a.jpg

 photo letsdolo_zpsec7b513d.jpg


  1. You do such beautiful work! Love this wrap-up of favorites! You have a great style.

  2. Amazing creations!! You're still my number one inspiration!! :) I have been stalking you at Fancy Pants and Noel Mignon's so I have seen all of these but one. ;) The new blog looks terrific and it is so great having all of your sketches together. Thank you. :) Have a wonderful new year!

  3. LOVE seeing your work! I have always loved your style, and I absolutely LOVE seeing your top 13! Happy New year!

  4. Love you with all my heart is my favorite. The layouts of your kids are great. Love let's do old and gray! Happy Happy New Year!

  5. Love these Julie. Your work is so inspiring. Happy New Year!

  6. So glad I discovered your blog! Your pages are darling, just my style. You have a new fan! Thanks for sharing, keep em' coming!