Let me preface this by saying when I used this title on the layout you will see below I meant it as, when I think of all the moments that make up my memories - you are my favorite.  Of course I showed this to my husband & he said "It seems like the title would reference someone who is gone - I don't know if this works for this pic" - then I was like oh goodness are people going to think Ryan (my son) is gone?? Ahhh!!! He's not :)  Guess I did not think this title through enough :(  I really tried to think about how I could possibly change the title, short of re-doing the whole layout.  Unfortunately I sewed on the layout which makes changing the paper too tricky.  I think the title is stuck there - I guess it is just important that I know what was meant by it - right??  Anyways -  This is my last layout for my DT work over at Jen's House of Scrap.  

Jen's adorable kit went up for sale today - check it out here :)

ttyl - julie


  1. This is beautiful, Julie. I love your design... your picture of Ryan really shines!! I wouldn't worry about your title too much. Anyone who really keeps up on your work knows he is fine.

    On that note, I just can not believe how fast he is growing!!! Gosh, I wish these little ones would just slow down!! My little one will be 3 in one month!!! :(

  2. Love your LO, Julie. I read your title as you intended it. It must be a Mom thing. My memories of my girls are my favourites too. :)

  3. love it! I think the title totally works.

  4. I too, read your title as you meant it. Kids change so fast it really is all a memory :)

    What a fabulously beautiful layout, do you every do crummy work? Ever, maybe just once in while? Maybe just once ever? :)