friday . . .


Some days all is right with the world - the day goes fairly smoothly (which can be difficult if you are a mother of a young child) & you crawl into bed at the end of the day with a smile on your face. Today was one of those days . . .

It began with this . . .

Ryan LOVES trains - but mommy (me that is) is getting a bit worn out from the whole train obsession - although I'm sure my husband would say the same about me and scrapbooking :) But if anyone has tried to survive "playing" trains day in & day out, well it can be tough :) Being a science & math teacher in my former life, I decided to broaden Ryan's horizons a bit by delving into the science world. I found this "Fizzy, Foamy Science" kit at Barnes & Nobles the other day & we had SO MUCH FUN with it. There were 7 different experiments in it & tons of extension activities - he LOVED it!!! And, I enjoyed it as well :) Here's a few pics of my little scientist . . .

By the way - I found this online at Toys R Us for 14.99 if you are interested (after I paid $20 in B & N) - the age was for 4 & up, but he totally enjoyed it - lots of WOW factor to it even if he didn't understand the whole science of it.

Then we ran out to do some errands & I remembered that the new Scrapbook Trends magazine was out - so I picked up 4 . . .

Why 4 ????? Because I have a layout & sketch featured on page 79 :)

This is my first print publication & seriously one of my favorite layouts I have ever done :) Not to mention this is my FAVORITE magazine - a little pricey but I always love the layouts in it & love that there is not tons of ads :) All the sketches for this article were redone by the mag to look cohesive - I will post my layout & actual sketch later when I can in March :) So exciting!!

I have so enjoyed my DT kits this month - they have all been so awesome!! Today I am going to share my work with Tara's amazing kit over at Magpie Club - she always has such awesome finds in her kits - it will be up for sale on Sunday - definitely want to snag this one!!! Here is my sketch . . .

And my layout featuring the main kit . . .

LOVED the fabric in this one - I cut off the edge & used it to create the flower. The center was made using the FABULOUS I-Top tool by Imaginisce - LOVE IT - and then I added the cute pearl center which was included in the kit.

I tried something new with the border of the paper - Stacey Cohen (awesome scrappy artist) did something similar on a page - I first painted a border about one half inch in on the black cardstock included in the kit - I used Tim Holtz crackle paint in linen. I then used a heat gun to set it & make it "crackle" :) Next I used my exacto knife to distress the edge of the cardstock by scraping all the way around. The I took my Cutter Bee scissors (LOVE THEM) and snipped small slits around the paper. I used a paper piercer to roll the cut paper strips & tada - very cool border!!!

Off to bed - it is 12:45 here on the East Coast - I will pop in this weekend to share some more :)

ttyl - julie


  1. WOW Julie! Published in PAPER!!! WooHoo, so super exciting, congrats!!!! That layout is amazing, lovely to have one of your very faves be your first in print~

    That Magpie layout is incredible!!! Love that cool edge work, bet it was fun to do as well.

    Ahhh, trains. I feel your pain here as well. Plus we play, vroom vroom (rolling cars back and forth on the wood floor) over and over and over and over. But, I love him...

  2. WOW! Congratulations!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your work and your sketchs are AWESOME!!

  3. Congrats on getting published!

  4. Congratson getting published! And in such an amazing mag as well!! Wow :-)

    I´m going to get started on your sketch for Magpie Club today, I LOVE what you did with it!

    And when it comes to trains, I do understand you, but I nderstand your boy even better! I loved playing with trains whan I was a kid :-) Luckely I had three youger siblings, so my parents did not have to play train all day long :-)


  5. First CONGRATS on the publication! Second I will have to get me one of those fizzy science kits. My little one is only two but I am SO TIRED of playing in the sand/water table and with Mickey Mouse LOL!

  6. Hey Julie! Congrats on the publication - an awesome layout and sketch! That is so very exciting!!!!!! Love this layout from the Magpie Kit too - great distressed edges - gotta try that! Love the Science Kit - try preschool - they have such fun ideas too! Take care, Lindsay

  7. Congratulations on your publication, Julie! You are the best kept secret in the magazine publication world! Now the word will be out!! :) Your little scientist is too cute! Love the pics!! My girls' obsession at that age were Peter Pan and Babar. {sigh} LOVE your latest LO. The flower is amazing and what a neat border effect! Love the sketch as always!! :)

  8. Julie, you are just awesome! I LOVE Scrapbook Trends mag....congrats on your publication! :) My little boy is currently obsessed with puppets, so I feel your pain with the train obsession. lol

  9. Oh Julie!! I am SO VERY HAPPY and EXCITED for you!!! Congratulations!! You truly deserve it!! Your LO's and sketches are fantastic!!

    Those pics of Ryan are just too cute... I can't wait to see what you create with them. Ben, who was 3 in Dec. has a massive obsession with trains as well. He loves to paint and play play doh, but I think that kit you got would be a wonderful thing too. He is such a hands on kid. I can not make a meal that he is not there helping me!

    Love this month's LO with Tara's kit!! Very cool border effect!!

  10. Julie, thank you for letting us publish your layout in Scrapbook Trends! So glad that you are happy with it. I love your "you & me" layout -- it's gorgeous!

    Amy Noorda
    Scrapbook Trends

  11. congrats on the publishing :D

    love the science kit, so gonna go get that for my girls TFS :D

  12. Congrats on getting published! And that layout with the border is just awesome! Hehehe...I feel your pain with the train thing too :)

  13. Congratulations on the publication - how awesome! I love all of your work.
    My husband of 32 years still plays trains!

  14. Congrats on the ST pub, Julie!!! That's fabulous, and your layout is incredible. I have been watching for this mag to come in the mail because my very first pub is in that issue, too!!! It's just a card, but I'm excited nonetheless. Gorgeous work with that kit, too. I can't wait to see what you do for CMD. Looks like you get to play with lots of Jenni Bowlin this month :)

  15. That sounds and looks like a fun kit! I bet my DS would LOVE it! Your sketch and layout are INCREDIBLE! Wow...beautiful work!

  16. Congrats on getting published!!! That's awesome. You deserve it, your work is alway so beautiful.

  17. congrats on the pub! Don't you just love Stacy, I was just with her at CHA. She is so inspiring.

  18. WTG on the ST publication! Congrats and what a beautiful layout and sketch. :)

  19. HUGE congrats to you on the pub. I just got my copy this week and had to come by and say, "Congrats!"

    What a wonderful blog you have.