thursday . . .


I'm alive - I promise :) It has just been such a busy two weeks - so much going on . . .

Starting with the fun stuff first . . .

* Imaginisce is totally rockin' it with some fun new lines coming out!!! I have already mentioned the super cute Lucy Bird line . . .

And the adorable Scooter's Vacation (I used this line for a layout in my last post) . . .

I played with this collection a bit more earlier this week - loved that I was able to use these papers to help capture Ryan learning to ride his bike :)

This next line - super sweet - get out your beachy pics everyone - introducing Splash Dance!!

Love the fun & playful tone of this Live Loud collection - perfect for my little man!!

Get out your wedding pics (I know I'm still scrapping mine) - Imaginisce has introduced this gorgeous new wedding line, To Love & Cherish :)

Oh, but that is not all, check out these new backers to the already FABULOUS I-Top tool . . .

That's right, you not only can create brads, but badges, magnets, and buttons too!!! How cool is that??

Looking for some added inspiration with the I-Top??? Check out this awesome tutorial by Tim Holtz on how to create canvas covered brads - totally worth watching & afterwards - you'll definitely need the I-TOP :)

Oh but wait, speaking of tools - it is a bit on the hush-hush, but Imaginisce has a new tool coming out this year - here's a little sneak peek :)

Sorry to overwhelm you with all those goodies but I just had to share!!!

* The Scrap Room has posted my monthly sketch for them as this week's blog challenge . . .

Check all the details out here. The prize is this awesome collection of Making Memories paper & Maya Road chipboard!!

* Now amidst my DT work, I have also been hard a work with another project of my own. I love designing sketches, but was looking to expand my knowledge a bit more. Currently I use Adobe PSE but wanted to know what all the fuss was about in regards to Illustrator - guess what - there is alot to fuss about. It is awesome - the drawing tools are AMAZING - I could seriously play all day long!!! I made a couple cute little tags the other night for fun - I actually created the little butterfly out of curves & that scalloped circle - no template there people - totally created with a bunch of curves by yours truly - again - I could do this all day long - so fun!!! Now if I can just figure out how to make them printable for you all - I can start posting some freebie printables on here :)

* Next up - my other 3 children - Bitsy, Peanut, and Lambchop - I know I don't share too much about them on my blog, but I LOVE them to pieces . . .

We are having MAJOR troubles with Peanut - the tan one - he has been having SEVERE anxiety issues since Christmas & is keeping me up all night long - it is seriously like having an infant. He is being put on medication beginning tomorrow & hopefully we will all be resting better soon :)

* Heavy duty construction in the Bonner house!!! My husband loves to drive me crazy by doing things all at once - currently we are putting in hardwood floors in our living room, stairways, and upstairs hallway - needless to say my house is a disaster . . .

That handsome man is not my hubby - it's my brother & oh yes - he is living here - just temporarily . . .

Also - my husband is expanding his wine room - yes he has his own hobby - collecting wine & he is just as obsessed at that as I am at scrapbooking . . .

In addition we have been doing some painting - I just changed my scraproom from a dark maroon (which was pretty but made lighting difficult) to this color - meet my "dill pickle " scraproom :)

All in all, life is busy in the Bonner world for sure - but good :) I've got lots of scrapping to do as my DT work needs to be sent out in the next week so keep checking back as I will have lots to share!!

ttyl - julie


  1. Hi Julie!

    First: I so loved your sketch over at Magpie Club this month, I´m a bit late letting you know, but now it´s out there! I LOVE YOUR WORK!!!

    Second: I love your tags! I use Illustrator as well, but I absolutly need to spend some more time fiddeling about.When you find out how to share them (maybe a PDF would work?), maybe you would turn them into a SVG file as well? Then it can be cut on electronic cutters :-) Imagine the potential! I don´t know if you can print and cut on the Cricut, but I know I can on my Cougar. Lovely printed tags from you, cut to perfection on my cutter. The joy it would bring!!

    Third: (I know I´m going on a bit now...) Your poor dog!! I soooo feel for you :-( If the medications don´t work, I know there is a collar that admits a scent that is calming for dogs. I´ve seen this woman (with loooong black hair and a black fab car) on TV, and shes used it on dogs to calm them down. I also know it is recomended for New Years eve and such. She only trains dogs using positive reinforcements, so I think shes good!

    Fourth: OMG what an amazing scraproom :-) Could I add it as inspiration on my blog; Crafty Space Designs (its so under loved...)


  2. Julie!!!! That "Road Trip" layout is super sweet. I love the cardboard, it really adds the little boy dimension to the page.
    You certainly had lots to share!!! I love the Splash Dance line best and can't wait to get my scrappy hands on it, I have thousands of beach and pool pictures just waiting for it. I may have to use my pool shots as my baby has little squirt toys that look just like the octopus and whale:)

    Sorry about Peanut. I've been there. Drugs helped and after a while we got her off the drugs and she was okay again. Did something specific happen to trigger her anxiety?

    Finally, SWEET SCRAPROOM can we have some closeups please!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing your scrap area. I have some of those same cubes. I can't believe how you used those corner shelves. Duh, never would have thought to use them on either side. Thanks so much for the inspiration. Can't wait to add them to my growing collection of storage.
    I too would love closeups, never know what else I could learn.

  4. If you right click on the illustrations and "copy image" you can paste it in to Word and adjust the size using the sizing handles.
    Love your scraproom and your dogs!
    Your layouts are THE BEST!

  5. I'm soooo in love with your scraproom. =)

  6. LOVE the new sketch!! Can't wait to try it! So wonderful to see pics of your sweet pups. So sorry to hear that Peanut is going though a hard time. :( Hope he feels better soon and you guys get some sleep. Poor little fellow. Lastly, your scraproom is amazing! Wow!! Love the new paint colour and so great to see where you create.

  7. Julie...Color me jealous over that scrap room...hope mine looks as cute when it's done!! The new sketch is amazing as always! The lo is uber fun!! I hope your fur baby feels better soon!

  8. I love the green dill scrapbook color! Your room is awesome! I love the sketch.. Gonna see if I can get to it!!! Those new kits are great!! with all the snow we have had=ready to get some warm summer pics out to scrap!! lol

  9. Oh, Julie, your home is beautiful (yes even amid the construction!!) :) What a beautiful scrappy space!!! I am glad you are having fun playing with Illustrator!! I totally lifted one of your LO's. Hope you don't mind!! I have been using alot of your sketches lately. I just love them! :) Your puppies are cute!! I hope your pooch feels better soon, so you can get some sleep. :)

  10. your scrap room is amazing - lucky lady :D

  11. I too love your scraproom! I am totally green with envy - dill pickle green maybe? ... LOL!
    I will have to wait about 13 or so years before I get one of those - that's when my eldest will be going off to college and I can take over her room! Sigh
    Good luck with the sketches!

  12. I"m my stinkin' goodness I LOVE LOVE LOVE your scrap space!!!! AMAZING!!!!

  13. I'm in love with your scrap room! Beautiful! I just would like my work office out of mine! There is so much to love with this year's Winter CHA!

  14. Hi, Julie!! Cute stuff. And, can I say that I love your scrap room and the colors in your house?

  15. Hi Julie, I love your scrap space sooooooo much. Lovely and nice page of your boy. Hugs - Creative Momma

  16. Hi Julie - Thanks for sharing pictures of your scrap room! I am also using those cubes but love the corner shelves on each side! Also, thank you for sharing your sketch! Definitely going to have to use it! Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  17. love all those papers, eager to try the new sketch and your home is beautiful! (even during construction). really like the "dill pickle" my kitchen is apple green and i love it.