thursday . . .


and I was doing so good . . . please forgive me things are a bit "batty" these days - I was planning on posting Tuesday night but ending up staying up to the wee hours finishing some assignments before I left Wednesday for New York to visit my grandmother. We were planning on leaving around lunchtime on Wednesday but after 3 return trips for items my dad forgot (and we were an hour away one of those times) we never even left until 5:30 pm - thus not arriving here until 1:30 am. Finally we were ready to hit the sack only to have a few visitors - two bats - ewwww!!! We got rid of one but the other disappeared. I finally headed to bed around 4 am - needless to say sleeping easy did not happen last night. The other bat revisited tonight but my dad did capture him this time - so we are currently batless - although we will see how the rest of the week goes :) Life is always an adventure - right????

I did leave you all in a lurch in regards to our winner for the Cosmo Cricket Mitten Weather Crafting kit - thanks so much for sharing all those fun holidays movies - I saw tons of my favs & a handful of new-to-me's to try out!!! On to our winner . . .

Congrats to comment #19 - Kristen S :)

Kristen S said...

love these lines- Cosmo Cricket- yum!

Favorite christmas movie: Miracle on 34th Street is an old-time classic for my fam and I would have to add my husband's favorite which is It's a Wonderful Life and Polar Express if fabulous too.

Thanks so much for commenting everyone!!! Anyone looking for a little sketchy inspiration??? It is sketch week over at The Scrap Room & my current monthly sketch for them is up on their blog . . .


Get all the details HERE to play along & have a chance to win this yummy prize . . .


Have a fab Friday (since technically it is 2:30 am on Friday now) and be back later tonight to share my Magpie Club layout & sketch!!!!

ttyl - julie :)


  1. Good morning Jules!! I hope you were able to get some sleep!!! Just wanted to tell you, oh how I love that sketch!!! I have the perfect photo!!! Or collage anyway!!! Thank you so much for the inspiration!!!

  2. Wow! I never win anything. My husband thought we won the lottery this afternoon when I screeched in happiness :) Thanks so much! Happy Friday!

  3. Two bats!! I can definately relate to your story, one day a bat got inside of my apartment and I was scared to death lol I had to call my bf so he will make him go away. I hope you don't have any unwanted visitors :P

  4. oh dear, that's one rough start, hope the rest of your visit goes wonderfully!